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A traveller today, a resident tomorrow.

Learn to speak Spevten and find your home in our unique community.

Che Spevten is a single-player episodic visual novel relationship sim for mobile web, which targets people who enjoy tranquil text-based queer content and constructed languages. It takes place in a sincere utopian setting, and puts players in the shoes of a newcomer whose objective is to learn a language and talk to locals in order to integrate into society.

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  • Learn new words and use them in sentences
  • Use language skills to interact with cuties
  • Build relationships to find your chosen family
  • Experience thrilling community drama
  • Worry about whether you belong
  • Try to make sense of your life


  • Original constructed language
  • Futuristic immigration simulator
  • Solarpunk story informed by cutting-edge science
  • Beautiful illustrations of science-fiction Yorkshire
  • Super chill place where most things are not shite
  • Consensual non-monogamy